How to do a gender impact assessment: case study video

A short case study video explaining the gender impact assessment process step-by-step.

This short video provides a brief overview of how to complete a gender impact assessment. The video walks through the four steps to completing a gender impact assessment: identifying the issues your policy, program or service is trying to address; collecting evidence; evaluating the options; and making recommendations. The case study used in the video looks at a disaster recovery program being developed by a Health Services provider to assist families with mental health concerns in a regional area.

This example demonstrates at a high level how a gender impact assessment could be applied to a program. However, it does not represent an extensive and comprehensive analysis and there are many potential considerations that are not covered. Consider the ideas shown as building blocks for you to start thinking about gender impact assessments in your own context.

For a more detailed version of the example in the video, click the link below to read an expanded case study for the Disaster Recovery Program gender impact assessment.