Gender impact assessment workshops

Access resources and recordings of workshops on conducting gender impact assessments under the Gender Equality Act 2020.

In 2021, the Commission appointed The Equality Institute to deliver gender impact assessment (GIA) training to defined entities. You can watch a recording of the sessions below. For more information, email The Equality Institute at

These resources should be viewed in conjunction with the Commission's latest guidance materials for gender impact assessments.

Workshop resources

Introduction to the GIA training

Why is it important to apply a gender lens

What is a GIA 

Intersectionality and GIA 

 What are your obligations under the Act

Creating an enabling environment to conduct GIA

How to conduct GIA introduction 

GIA Step 1 – Define the issues and challenge assumptions 

GIA Step 2 – Understand the policy context

GIA Step 3 – Options analysis

GIA Step 4 – Making recommendations

Please visit the gender impact assessment page to view the latest guidance from the Commission.