Reporting platform help

Guidance materials to support defined entities to use the Gender Equality Act Reporting Platform.

Current status of the reporting platform

The reporting platform is available for all defined entities to use to prepare and submit their progress report and supporting progress audit.

  • An issue is preventing some audit data from being viewed in platform reports.
  • An issue is incorrectly assessing some audit data as not meeting quality requirements. 
  • An issue affecting visibility of senior leader flexible work data in reports.
  • An issue where some employee experience data may be incorrect for organisations that participated in the June People matter survey.  
  • Workarounds or mitigations are available for all issues.
  • For further information about these issues and the status of the reporting platform please visit Reporting platform and Insights Portal status.

8 December 2023

Accessing the reporting platform

The Gender Equality Act Reporting Platform (the reporting platform) is the application organisations use to submit and view their obligations including Gender Equality Action Plans, workplace gender audit results and progress reports. Access to the reporting platform is restricted to registered users.

Access the platform

Getting support

Users of the reporting platform can request assistance or notify the Commission of an issue by using our support portal. Access to the support portal is restricted to platform users, and it uses the same login. Users who are unable to access the support portal should raise a support request via email.

Get support

Adding a new user

Organisations wishing to add new users to the reporting platform can raise a request using our user onboarding form. The form can only be used by the owner of the reporting process. If you don't know who your organisation's reporting process owner is, please raise a support request and we'll let you know.

Add a new user

User guide

The defined entity user guide provides all the information an organisation will need to gain access to, navigate and use the functions of the reporting platform to meet their obligations under the Act.

CGEPS Reporting Platform - Defined Entity User Guide (PDF)
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CGEPS Reporting Platform - Defined Entity User Guide (Word)
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For questions about Gender Equality Action Plans, workplace gender audits, intersectionality, privacy and other topics related to the Gender Equality Act, please visit Frequently asked questions about the Gender Equality Act.

For reporting platform troubleshooting scenarios and recommended solutions, please refer to the list below. If your scenario isn't covered, contact us using the support quick links at the top of this page.