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Progress audit guidance 2023

Guidance for conducting a progress audit in 2023 as part of your progress reporting obligations under the Gender Equality Act 2020.

May 2023

The Commission has developed guidance to help defined entities to assess and report on their progress in relation to the gender equality indicators. This is referred to as a 'progress audit'. A progress audit involves:

If approved, the proposed Gender Equality Amendment Regulations 2023 will require a progress audit to be completed. In the event new regulations are not approved, the Commissioner still recommends the completion of a progress audit.

The progress audit is part of your progress report.

These guidelines have an accompanying workforce reporting template and employee experience reporting template.

The Progress audit 2023 - Workforce reporting template lets you submit your workforce data to us in the right format through our reporting platformExternal Link .

Please note we will be providing this template shortly. Defined entities will be advised when the template is available.

Reviewed 12 May 2023

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