Commission releases its first report on intersectional gender equality

Wednesday, 18 October 2023 at 11:33 pm
Decorative image. Feature icon for cover of Intersectionality at Work report.

We’re pleased to launch our first intersectionality report – Intersectionality at Work: Building a baseline on compounded gender inequality in the Victorian public sector. 

This report builds on the findings of our  Baseline report(opens in a new window). It is the first of its kind in Australia to collate and analyse intersectional public sector workforce data. Intersectionality at Work(opens in a new window) shows how gender inequality can be compounded by other forms of discrimination and disadvantage. The report highlights the importance of applying an intersectional approach to gender equality. 

The report includes insights from: 

  • workplace gender audit data we collected from Victorian public sector organisations in 2021 
  • intersectional research we funded in 2022. 

To help us centre the voices of marginalised groups in this report, we consulted with a number of subject matter experts. This included people with lived experience of compounded disadvantage and discrimination.  

We thank our research partners and participants, reviewers, advocates and defined entities for their continued work to drive intersectional gender equality in Victoria.