Announcement of research grants

We are pleased to announce our five successful grantees under our Inaugural Research Grants Round 2021.

Wednesday, 23 June 2021 at 12:33 am

After a highly competitive selection process, the Commission is pleased to announce our 5 successful grantees under our Inaugural Research Grants Round 2021.

Four academic teams and one public sector collaboration have been successful in this inaugural funding round.

Projects will cover a range of topics, including:

  • an investigation of the circumstances that led to the establishment of the Gender Equality Act
  • international best practice in organisational gender equality
  • how organisations can effectively remove barriers to equality for culturally and linguistically diverse women in public sector workplaces.

They also focus on diverse organisations and strategies, including working with local councils to develop training that supports gender-sensitive placemaking, and understanding how the transport sector has navigated the requirements of the Act to date.

The Commission is looking forward to working with our successful research teams and to the insights we will gain through their high-quality research projects.

Join us in congratulating our 2021 grantees

A/Prof Alysia Blackham, Prof Beth Gaze, A/Prof Leah Ruppanner and Prof Susan Ainsworth

The University of Melbourne (with the Australian Law Experts Discrimination Group)

‘Laying the Foundation for Gender Equality in the Public Sector in Victoria’

This project will critically map and evaluate the past and present conditions that ensured the successful passage of the Gender Equality Act 2020. It will identify risks and opportunities for the Act’s future development and implementation. It will do so by examining how the Act evolved, how it is being implemented, and how its future success can best be secured, drawing on the experiences of other jurisdictions nationally and internationally.

Dr Aida Ghalebeigi, Prof Victor Gekara, Dr Maryam Safari and Dr Lena Wang

RMIT University (with the Department of Transport)

‘Assessing Progress in the Implementation of the Gender Equality Act 2020’

This project will assess progress towards gender equality in selected public sector entities and propose a framework for the effective implementation of the newly enacted Gender Equality Act 2020. It focuses on the Department of Transport – including VicRoads and PTV – and key selected public organisations associated with the transport sector, such as the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority and the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Authority. The project will identify obstacles which might hinder progress and develop a comprehensive framework that could be applied to enhance effective implementation of the Act across the broader public sector.

A/Prof Nicole Kalms, A/Prof Gene Bawden, Dr Jess Berry and Dr Gill Matthewson

Monash University (with 22 Local Government partners)

‘Gender-sensitive training for safe and inclusive communities: A pilot for transformative placemaking in the public sector'

This project will develop an online, interactive training module for public sector organisations across Victoria to train staff and accelerate the actions of inclusive communities. The training will be designed to develop staff awareness of gender-sensitive approaches that will mitigate against discrimination and exclusion in public spaces. Working with 20 local government organisations across Victoria, the project will accelerate the actions of inclusive policy and urban placemaking, thus supporting local councils to meet their obligations under the Gender Equality Act 2020.

Vivienne Nguyen, AM and Celia Tran – VMC, and Vick Pillay, Prabha Jayasinghe and Amy Light

Mind Tribes (with Monash University, the Diversity Council of Australia, the Victorian Public Service Women of Colour Network and the Community and Public Sector Union)

'How the Gender Equality Act 2020 can enable entities to support CALD women to overcome systemic barriers in the workplace'

This project will explore how public sector entities can support culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) women to overcome systemic barriers, in order to reach genuine gender equality in the workplace in the VPS. International studies and industry best practices will be leveraged, alongside consultation with CALD women, to develop practical actions for defined entities.

Dr Victor Sojo Monzon, Prof Michelle Ryan and Prof Cordelia Fine

The University of Melbourne (with the Australian National University)

‘What works, what’s fair? Using systematic reviews and meta-analyses to build the evidence base on strategies to increase gender equality in the public sector’

This project will produce evidence-based guidance for public sector organisations regarding effective strategies to drive change in the gender indicators identified under the Gender Equality Act 2020. It will do so by systematically synthesising the relevant international research; hosting a deliberative forum with key stakeholders to evaluate, validate, and ground the recommendations provided; and producing practice recommendations.