Panel of Providers

Tailored support from a Panel of Providers will be available to help defined entities comply with the Act.

What is the Panel of Providers?

To support organisations to meet their obligations under the Act, the Commission has set up a Panel of Providers to ensure specialist and technical advice is readily available and accessible to groups of entities subject to the Act, if needed. In 2021, the Commission will fund the panel to deliver a number of sector-wide workshops and training sessions. Defined entities are also able to independently engage the services of panellists, at their own cost.

Panellists provide services under the following categories:

  • workplace gender auditing
  • gender impact assessments
  • developing and implementing strategies to improve gender equality
  • evaluation
  • IT systems support
  • mediation and conciliation

The Public Sector Gender Equality Commissioner will be able to engage panellists appointed under the conciliation or mediation categories to assist with the dispute resolution function, if required.

Next steps

The Commission will fund the Panel in 2021 to deliver sector-based workshops and training that will be tailored to where capacity-building is most required. For example, this could include:

  • workplace gender audit workshops tailored for local councils
  • the education/TAFE sector
  • gender impact assessment workshops for universities
  • emergency management organisations

In early 2021, a survey was sent to all defined entities to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the specific needs of each sector. The workshops and training will be scheduled over the coming months for defined entities to opt in to.

Further details will be published on this page shortly.

Panellists by service category

Reviewed 18 February 2021

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