Progress reporting compliance checklist

A checklist to ensure your progress report is compliant with the requirements under the Gender Equality Act 2020

Before you submit your progress report, make sure it is compliant with the Gender Equality Act.

This checklist provides detail on the required and recommended information for defined entities to include in their progress reports. Click on the button links to navigate to the corresponding section in the guidance document.

You can also find some helpful resources below the checklist.

1. Gender Impact Assessments


  1. Identify each policy, program or service that was the subject of a GIA during the relevant period.
  2. Report the actions approved/taken to develop or vary the policy, program, or service as a result of the GIA.
  3. Exclude any material from the progress report that would disclose confidential information.
  1. Explain how an intersectional lens was applied while completing the assessment.

GIA progress reporting guidance

Find more information about GIAs.

2. Gender Equality Action Plan strategies and measures


  1. List each of the strategies and measures set out in your GEAP.
  2. Indicate the status of your progress as at the end of the relevant period.
  3. Provide a description of the status you have selected against each strategy or measure.
  1. Evaluate the success that each strategy or measure has achieved during the relevant period.
  2. Provide a timeline against each strategy.
  3. Indicate who within your defined entity is responsible for implementing each strategy or measure.
  4. Select the relevant workplace gender equality indicators in the Act that the strategy or measure was designed to address.
  5. Outline the resourcing allocated to implement the strategies and measures in your GEAP.

Strategies and measures progress reporting guidance

Find more information about GEAPs.

3. Workplace gender equality indicators


  1. Complete your progress audit and analyse the data.
  2. Demonstrate your progress against each indicator.
  1. Refer to and draw on the Commissioner’s recommendations to guide the analysis of your progress audit data.
  2. Identify and discuss any of the factors that have affected your organisation's progress in relation to the workplace gender equality indicators.

Indicators progress reporting guidance

Find more information about the workplace gender equality indicators.

4. Submission and Publication


  1. Use the templates provided by the Commissioner to complete and submit your progress report.
  2. Submit your progress report to the Commissioner by the reporting deadline.
  3. Remove any personal or potentially identifying information prior to publishing your progress report.
  4. Publish your progress report on your website.
  1. Submit a supporting document providing reflections and key learnings during this relevant period.

Submission and publication guidance

Progress reporting assessment rubric

The Commission has published a progress report assessment rubric. This guidance outlines how the Commission will assess progress reports.

The rubric outlines the criteria that progress reports must meet to be compliant with the Gender Equality Act. It also provides detailed explanations for each criterion.

The assessment rubric has 5 key measures:

  1. Timely submission
  2. Gender Impact Assessments (GIA)
  3. Gender Equality Action Plans (GEAP)
  4. Workplace gender equality indicators
  5. Document format

You can download the full assessment rubric below.

Progress Report Assessment Rubric
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