Funded research grants awarded for 2022

The Commission is pleased to announce the recipients of our second annual research grants round.

Thursday, 8 September 2022 at 12:00 am

As Victoria continues to establish itself as an international leader in gender equality, this research will help the Victorian Public Service, universities and local government to boost gender equality in their workplaces and communities. 

The key areas of focus are: 

  • Aboriginal women’s experiences in Victorian public sector workplaces 
  • experiences of women with disability in Victorian public sector workplaces 
  • gendered experiences within Victorian public sector workplaces in rural locations 
  • how pregnancy, parenting and/or caring impact organisational gender equality in the public sector 
  • experiences of women from non-English speaking backgrounds in Victorian public sector workplaces. 

This will help to build the evidence based on how gender intersects with other experiences of discrimination.

Research projects

Make Us Count: Understanding Aboriginal women’s experiences in Victorian public sector workplaces

Dr Debbie Bargallie (Griffith University), Prof Bronwyn Carlson and Madi Day (Macquarie University).

This research project will combine qualitative data from Aboriginal women’s lived experiences with existing workplace gender data to give a comprehensive and rigorous account of Aboriginal women’s experiences in the Victorian public sector. 

Getting on at work: Progression and promotion of women with disability in the Victorian public sector

Dr Jannine Williams and Prof Robyn Mayes (Queensland University of Technology) with Emma Bennison (Disability Leadership Institute)

This project will investigate women’s lived experiences disability to understand barriers and enablers for career progression and professional success for women with disability. Findings will enable public sector organisations to create environments for women with disability to achieve professional success.

Rurality and Workforce Participation: Exploring prevalence of part-time & insecure work in Grampians Public Service roles

Prof Keir Reeves, Dr Cathy Tischler and Dr Kelsey McDonald (Federation University), with Women’s Health Grampians, ByFive and the Wimmera Development Association

This project will use quantitative and qualitative research to identify and understand the cultural and structural reasons for gendered differences in workforce participation in public sector entities, including gendered prevalence of part-time and casual work in a rural setting.

Caring and Workplace Gender Equality in the Public Sector in Victoria

A/Prof Alysia Blackham, Prof Leah Ruppanner, Prof Beth Gaze, Prof Susan Ainsworth and Dr Brendan Churchill (The University of Melbourne), with the Australian Discrimination Law Experts Group and Work Futures Hallmark

This project will critically examine how pregnancy, parenting and caring impact organisational gender equality in the Victorian public sector. It will map gender disparities in access to and use of leave and flexible work, and how the Gender Equality Act 2020 (Vic) can better address this. 

Victorian Local Councils and Gender Equality: Examining the intersections for women from non-English speaking backgrounds

Dr Ellen Cho and Prof Marie Segrave (Monash University)

This project will conduct a detailed qualitative analysis to identify how local councils can best implement gender equality commitments for women from non-English speaking backgrounds.