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[On-screen text: Gender Equality Act - Workplace Gender Audit Data Release. Dr Niki Vincent, Public Sector Gender Equality Commissioner.]


Today is an exciting milestone. Victoria has published the most comprehensive dataset on public sector gender equality that Australia has ever had.

The Gender Equality Act in Victoria covers almost 300 organisations, about 450,000 employees or 12% of the Victorian workforce. These organisations were required to take an honest look at their workplaces and report on things like sexual harassment, the gender pay gap, workforce composition and much more.

We analysed their data and our baseline report showcases the key findings and sector wide trends, and highlights where action is needed.

You can also explore individual organisation's audit results through our Insights Portal.

Based on their data, each organisation has developed a plan to address the workplace inequalities they've identified. And they must make real improvements, with reports on progress due to me every two years.

Publishing this baseline report and the data from each organisation today is a key part of the transparency and accountability required under the Gender Equality Act.

It's fantastic that we now have a baseline to measure improvement from, and it's an important step towards achieving more equal workplaces and communities across Victoria.

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Gender Equality Act

Visit the Insights Portal for individual organisation results at:

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