Gender impact assessment toolkit and templates

29 Mar 2022

How to use this toolkit

This toolkit is for:

This toolkit:

  • provides a step by step guide to conducting a best-practice gender impact assessment
  • is flexible so that you can choose the information that best meets your needs
  • recognises that the size and experience of your organisation as well as the impact of the policy, program, or service you are assessing will affect the time you spend on each step
  • contains tailored guidance for different types of organisations
  • includes useful resources, practical tips and templates.

You can either step through the toolkit via the navigation cards below or download the PDF version to the right of this page.

Note: As this is a best-practice toolkit, you’re not required to use it to be compliant with the Gender Equality Act 2020.


The toolkit should be used in conjunction with the templates resources below to support gender impact assessments. Using the templates provides a useful record for reporting and can assist with demonstrating your compliance with the Gender Equality Act. You can use a PDF or Word version:

Gender impact assessment templates (for toolkit)
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Gender impact assessment templates (for toolkit)
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Data sources for Step 2

A list of Data sources for conducting a gender impact assessment is available to assist with gathering information and evidence as part of step 2 'understand the policy context' of the gender impact assessment process. The list contains statistics and data sources from a range of areas that may help organisations think critically about the different experiences of women, men, and gender diverse people.