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  • Develop a strategic resource plan that outlines how development and implementation of the GEAP will be resourced
  • Include your executive leadership’s commitment to the GEAP
  • Establish a cross-functional working group of key influencers at all levels to help implement the GEAP across your defined entity
  • Seek key influencers at all levels across your defined entity to be advocates for the GEAP within their areas.


  • The Act requires that your defined entity allocates adequate resources to developing and implementing the GEAP (s10(3)). The allocation of dedicated resources, including a specific budget for implementation of strategies and measures designed to create structural change, will be an important means of driving progress in your defined entity.

    You must include details of how your defined entity will appropriately assign resources – including staff and budget – to implement the strategies and measures included in this GEAP. This should also include allocating time for cross- functional teams to develop and implement strategies and measures, as required.

    When determining adequate resources for your entity, consider the factors which must be considered in determining whether your defined entity has made reasonable and material progress in relation to the workplace gender equality indicators (section 16(2)):

    1. The size of the defined entity, including the defined entity’s number of employees
    2. The nature and circumstances of the defined entity, including any barriers to making progress
    3. Requirements that apply to the defined entity under any other Act, including an Act of the Commonwealth
    4. The defined entity’s resources
    5. The defined entity’s operational priorities and competing operational obligations
    6. The practicability and cost to the defined entity of making progress
    7. Genuine attempts made by the defined entity to make progress
  • Include a statement by a member or members of your defined entity’s executive leadership explicitly endorsing your GEAP as well as committing to implement the actions in, your GEAP.

    Executive leaders are executive staff who have significant management responsibility, that is,their primary role is to provide leadership and strategic direction for other staff members. This could include the Chief Executive Officer, Directors and Group Managers.

  • Progressing gender equality in your defined entity will need input from across different parts of your defined entity. To generate collaboration within your defined entity, it may be useful to establish a cross-functional working group to develop and implement the GEAP. Ideally, this group would reflect the diversity of your workplace, to ensure more representative and robust decision-making as part of implementation of your GEAP. This group should include representation from across all levels of your organisation.

    This group should have clear Terms of Reference or an equivalent document which outlines its purpose, roles, responsibilities, and to whom the group is accountable. You may wish to reflect the strategic contribution and workload associated with membership of the group by allocating staff time to participate in the group, and in individual performance development plans.

    If your defined entity has enterprise agreements that have clauses relating to change management or consultation, ensure that this cross-functional working group is established in line with the relevant clauses in those agreements. Consider any consultative committees that are already established under enterprise agreements, health and safety committees and other existing mechanisms.

    This group could also operate as key influencers and advocates for the GEAP within their areas as well as mobilise volunteers to advocate for the GEAP across all parts of the organisation. Strategies and measures to address gender inequality are most effective when there are people at all levels of the defined entity advocating for change. You may also wish to nominate a key contact in this group who is responsible for collating feedback on the implementation of the GEAP.

Reviewed 24 March 2022

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