How to use workplace gender audit reporting templates

Find help on using the workplace gender auditing reporting templates provided by the Commission.  

Guidance materials and templates

A number of guidance documents and templates are available to support defined entities:

  • Workplace gender audit guide
  • Workforce Reporting Template
  • Employee Experience Reporting Template 
  • Employee experience survey questions
  • Practice note – Gender equality employee survey.

Download auditing guidance materials and templates

Frequently asked questions about using the templates

    • Recommended version: Excel 365.
    • Minimum version: Excel 2013 (may require Power Query add-in which can be downloaded from Microsoft).
    • Ability to enable macros in Excel.
    • Recommended Operating System: Windows 10.
    • Recommended computer memory: 16GB of RAM or better.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions included in the Workforce Reporting Template. If you skip certain steps, the data measure tables in the spreadsheet may not populate correctly.

    Run a unit level data validation and make sure all errors in the 'Workforce Data Validation Log' are addressed. If there are validation errors in the data, your data measures may not populate correctly.

    Make sure you've pushed the populate data measures button on the 'Start here' page.

  • If your defined entity participated in the People matter survey 2021 or the People matter survey for local government 2021, you won’t need to submit your employee experience data to the Commission. We are working with the Victorian Public Sector Commission to collect deidentified data directly.

  • In 2021 the Commission will require entities to submit all workforce groups in the same Workforce Reporting Template. We recognise that for some organisations this may result in comparison across workforce groups that may not be considered equivalent for various reasons, including occupational segregation.

    To help capture the nuances between distinct workgroups, the Commission has included an optional 'workforce group' column in the Workforce Reporting Template. This will be a free text field which is not mandatory, and for the purposes of automatic calculation, will not impact on output tables, however may inform how the Commission analyses information that has been submitted.

  • The reporting templates will be used to submit your workplace gender audit results to the Commission via our reporting platform.

    Your workplace gender audit results must be submitted alongside your Gender Equality Action Plan by 1 December 2021.

    There will be more information on how to access this reporting platform in the coming months. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates. 

  • ANZSCO codes should be provided at the 6-digit level where possible; however, the Workforce Reporting Template will also accept 4-digit codes.

    The template will convert 4-digit codes (e.g. 1112 - General Managers) to the appropriate 6-digit equivalent (e.g. 111200 - General Managers, not further defined).

    Please ensure you click the 'Populate data measures' button on the 'Start here' page to ensure your ANZSCO data is processed correctly.

  • Some users have experienced a compatibility issue when using 64-bit versions of Excel to open the Workforce Reporting Template (Version 3.0).

    64 bit error message for excel

    To solve this issue, please download the latest version of the Workforce Reporting Template from our website.

  • The Workforce Reporting Template uses macros to process your data and to help prepare it for submission alongside your Gender Equality Action Plan.

    Depending on your organisation’s policies, you may be able to enable macros yourself, or you may need assistance from your IT department.

    Upon opening the template, you may see a security warning that macros have been disabled. Click the option to enable content if it is available.

    You can check your current macro settings in Excel under File > Options > Trust Center. Click the ‘Trust Center Settings’ button and navigate to Macro Settings.

    If you cannot enable macros, please contact your IT support team for assistance. To facilitate risk evaluation, the Commission can supply a copy of the template (and/or a printout of the coded macros) on request.

    Please note that the Commission cannot supply a version of this template without macros. It is the Commission’s intention to eliminate the need for macro-enabled templates by introducing a web-based reporting platform for future reporting cycles.

  • Prior to July 2021, the Commission published a series of indicative Workforce Reporting Templates (versions 1.0 and 2.0) to help defined entities prepare for their Workplace Gender Audits.

    In July 2021, the Commission published the WGA Workforce Reporting Template (version 3.0). It contains the final layouts for all Indicators, in addition to new functionality to validate, process and prepare data for submission through the CGEPS reporting platform.

    The Commission may release updates to the WGA Workforce Reporting Template to address defects and ensure template functions work properly for all users. Some upgrades may be optional (e.g. to address issues encountered by a small number of users). Any mandatory upgrades will be communicated to key contacts of defined entities via email.

    These upgrades aim to address functionality issues for reporting purposes. The Commission does not intend to make any further changes to data requirements or specifications.

    To minimise the inconvenience to users, all future releases of the WGA Workforce Reporting Template will include an upgrade tool. If you have started to populate an earlier version of the template (from version 3.0 onwards), this tool will automatically transfer your data into the new version.

We will add clarifications and frequently asked questions about using the reporting templates to this page, please check back regularly.

More information

For more information about the Gender Equality Act 2020 visit our FAQs page

If you cannot find the answer to your question about using the reporting templates on this page or in our guidance materials, you can email us at with [WGA Template Query] in the subject line.

Reviewed 03 August 2021

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