Guidance for defined entities

Guidance materials to support defined entities to comply with the Gender Equality Act 2020.

Gender impact assessment toolkit

This toolkit has been developed to help you assess the gendered impact of your policies, programs and services. It sets out a best-practice gender impact assessment process and includes templates for recording information, analysis and outcomes.

As this is a best-practice toolkit, you are not required to use it in order to be compliant with the Gender Equality Act 2020. However, using the toolkit will help you achieve the best possible outcomes from a comprehensive gender impact assessment.

As a general rule, we recommend that the greater the likely impact of a policy, program or service, the more time you should spend on a gender impact assessment as part of the development or review process.

This toolkit has been developed on the basis of current research and evidence however as you begin to use it in your organisation, we would welcome your feedback on how it can be improved.

Access the gender impact assessment toolkit

Workplace gender audit guidance

Guidance materials and templates have been developed to help defined entities conduct a workplace gender audit and submit their results to the Commission. This guidance is issued under section 47 of the Act, which means defined entities must have regard to it when complying with their obligations.

These guidance materials and templates include:

  • Workplace gender audit guide
  • Workforce Reporting Template
  • Employee Experience Reporting Template 
  • Employee experience survey questions
  • Practice note – Gender equality employee survey.

Access the workplace gender audit guidance and templates

Gender Equality Action Plan guide

This guidance has been created to help you develop your GEAP. This guidance is issued under section 47 of the Act, which means defined entities must have regard to it when complying with their obligations.

The guidance sets out what is required to be included in your GEAP under the Act. It also provides additional recommended steps that you can follow to ensure your GEAP is clear, actionable and based on data and meaningful consultation.

Access the Gender Equality Action Plan guide

Promoting gender equality guidance

In developing policies and programs and in delivering services that are to be provided to the public, or have a direct and significant impact on the public, defined entities must:

  • consider and promote gender equality
  • take necessary and proportionate action towards achieving gender equality.

While all defined entities must undertake gender impact assessments, the specific measures or actions an organisation should take to comply with the duty to promote gender equality may vary.

Necessary action could be considered action that is vital to achieving the objectives of the Act and achieving gender equality. What is considered proportionate action will depend on the organisation’s business and the potential for their work to advance gender equality.

Read more about how to promote gender equality

Case for Change slide pack

This slide pack has been developed to support you to brief your leadership team on your organisation’s obligations under the Gender Equality Act 2020. In particular, the slide pack has been designed to allow you to present to your leadership team, or employees more generally, about the Act and to highlight your organisation’s obligation to assign dedicated resources to support its implementation.

More specifically, the slide pack includes information on the need for gender equality legislation, a history of the Act, an overview of your obligations, the legislative requirement for dedicated resourcing, and information on the Public Sector Gender Equality Commissioner including her role in assuring compliance with the Act.

The PowerPoint slide pack has been published unbranded, so that you can use your own organisation’s templates and branding when presenting to your leadership team or broader staff. You can also download a PDF version of the slide pack, either unbranded or with the Commission's branding depending on your organisation's preferences.


Reviewed 26 July 2021

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