Gender Equality Action Plan deadline extended to 1 December 2021

07/06/21 23.18pm

The deadline for submitting Gender Equality Action Plans (GEAP) has been extended to 1 December 2021.

The extension applies to all defined entities for this year only, and does not affect other obligations or timeframes under the Gender Equality Act.

The Commission understands that the obligations under the Act represent additional work for defined entities in the short term. The Commission also acknowledges that considerable learning is taking place across defined entities in this first year of the Act’s operation, as they become familiar with what’s required and how to implement these requirements.

The pandemic has placed pressure on organisations and their employees over the past year, and Victoria’s current restrictions have come at a critical time in the development process of GEAPs.

Commissioner Vincent and her team recognise the important work of defined entities in preparing to meet their obligations under the Act, and appreciate their commitment to delivering a quality GEAP in in the first year of the Act’s operation.

Reviewed 10 June 2021

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